Buildings and Grounds 6/5/23

Present: Karl K., John G., Sam Y.
-With John being gone for the next 6 weeks, we noted the tasks that need
to be picked up during that time:
Hand soap and commercial vinegar to be picked-up at Harters
Check dehumidifier filter and that it is running in the basement
Weekly check-in with Francis re: cleaning responsibilities
Check entry foyer/steps before worship on Sunday
Worship sound controls
-Agreed on June work morning for 24th with possible assignments:
Painting in men’s bathroom
Wall covers under hand dryers
Check kitchen laminate for issues
Sanctuary, basement hall and bathroom floor mopping
Outside work: mowing, trimming, weeding, watering, etc.
Post church phone number and keyless entry info. @ south/east
-Agreed to invite George to attend first part of B&G meetings at the
Affirmation of elders group. George has picked-up responsibilities
Around the meetinghouse for years unheralded and we want to
Recognise and thank him. Some of the ways he continues to help
Our Church are: heating and cooling systems, vacuum sweeper
Maintenance, sanctuary chair maintenance, internet maintenance
-Discussed possible work at Mary E.’s house and plans for replacement
Corbels at entries. We plan to build and replace porch roof support
Corbels in the next month.
Minutes respectfully submitted SGY

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Elders’ Minutes November 6, 2023Present: Sharon Norton, Mary Schertz, Wendell