Buildings and Grounds Minutes 02/4/23

Present: John G., Karl K., Sam Y.
-Began our meeting in the kitchen discussing the plumbing in the kitchen
wall south running to the upstairs bathroom-we need to open and insulate
pipes in the future because of pipes freezing in sub-zero temps.
-Sam reported on active shooter material from MCC entitled “Fear Not” a study guide
for congregations which includes 12 sessions. We agreed to contact elders re: the
study guide and see what next steps might be taken
-discussed LED lighting upgrades-noted cost of around $370 with AEP rebates and
impact on our total budget. John will pursue possibilities with AEP rep.
-noted our current thermostat programming and maintenance and agreed that this
committee needs to learn thermostat programing: John will ask George to attend the
first part of next month’s meeting to help us understand the process
John will check with NIPSCO re: possible efficiency increases for thermostat settings
-Our current cleaning person has announced her plan to move west in one
month-John has another possible cleaning contact he will pursue. We considered our
twice per month cleaning-the need was expressed for more regular cleaning-is there
money we can free up or congregational labor to fill the need?
-Agreed to schedule a congregational work day for Feb. 18th with inside work
including: painting touch-up, kitchen cleaning, sanctuary floor mopping, possible
fluorescent fixture ballast re-wiring, kitchen cabinet door catches work, etc.
-considered our current internet/phone provider and whether we need a landline-we
need more congregational feedback and research re: possibilities. John will talk w/
Barb for more financial information
-Pondered electronics maintenance and if we can take care of this “in-house,” more
discussion to come…
-Karl reported Legacy Heating has agreed to respond to emergency service requests
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