FOH Announcements 11-16-23

This week’s announcements:

Congregational Meeting tonight at 7:00pm.

Reminder…Fellowship Meal this Sunday!

Attention Men: Our FOH mens’ breakfast is this Saturday at 8:00 AM. The
second half of our time together will continue the focus from the book, “If
Not Empire, What? By Friesen and Stoner. There is a chance that John
G’s guest from last meeting might come again this week… If that happens,
let’s greet him warmly as before…

Building and Grounds Minutes

Present: John G., Karl K., Sam Y.

-We began by reviewing B&G’s relationship with George: George
has decided not to participate in the first part of our meetings.
Sam will act as communicator with George for B&G. In our
December meeting, we will need to decide (as we agreed to do
earlier) whether to ask George to join B&G as a full participant.
-Sam agreed to take on responsibility for engaging snow removal
person/company for this winter. (thanks to Karl for your service to
us in handling snow removal in the past) As in the past, three
inches of snow before times of meetinghouse usage by FOH and
El Shaddai triggers snow removal.
-We were saddened to hear of Francis’s accident and resulting
broken ankle. John will pursue a temporary replacement cleaning
person from El Shaddai.
-Our next scheduled work morning is Saturday, Nov. 25th, two
days after Thanksgiving… Leaf work will need to be a major focus
as well as inside deep cleaning.
Minutes respectfully submitted,

Our Campus Ministries team met this week and came up with an idea for an evening student event during the week of finals– a chance to let off steam and decorate Christmas cookies together and drink hot chocolate on December 7. 

Would any of you want to see if folks from your congregation could bake some sugar cookies and make frosting? We anticipate 50-70 students will attend, so if we have 10 dozen cookies that would allow a couple of cookies per student to decorate. Your church could contribute a couple dozen, or take on the entire labor of love- it’s up to you (and the Spirit)!

Let me know if you have any willing bakers who want to contribute to a college student’s joy and comfort over the final week of classes. Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for considering!–Jen ShenkCampus Pastor

Would you like to have a better understanding of the current events in Gaza? Who are these various warring groups, and what is their history?? Is there any hope for peace in this part of the world?

 The public is invited to a presentation: “Israel and Gaza: History and Context”  by Dr. Michael Spath on Monday November 20 at 2:00 in the Greencroft Community Center Jennings Auditorium. Dr. Spath is the Founder and Executive Director of the Indiana Center For Middle East Peace.  He has led frequent tours of Israel-Palestine that explores the social/political situation in that land.

  Dr. Spath holds a PHD in Historical theology with an emphasis on Islam-Christian relationships.

His academic studies also include Abrahamic Religions, Peace Studies, Religion and Violence.

    Michael and his wife Mary are members of Plymouth Congregational Church of Christ in Fort Wayne IN.   He currently serves as temporary Interim Pastor of the Emmaus Road Mennonite Fellowship in Berne, IN. He comes with a profound theological and political interest in this area of the world.



El Shaddai church use schedule:

Sunday: 7-8 am and 2-6 pm  

Monday: 6-8 pm  

Tuesday: 6-8 pm every other week  

Wednesday: 6-9 pm  

Friday: 6-9 pm  

Nothing on Thursdays or Saturdays 

Any special events not during these times will be noted in our announcements.  

Support group—Mondays 5-7 in purple basement room

Cosecha schedule: Wednesday–4-9  Thursday–4-7  Friday–3-8  Saturday–10-5 in a basement room

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