October 9 Weekly Announcements

B&G Reminder: Saturday is our September work morning: 8:30-12:00.  Come and join in the work of FOH!

From Sharon:

From the meeting last Thursday….See attachment below.

We are pleased to report the grand total for this year’s relief sale is approximately $425,000. While much of what we sell is donated, we have some expenses and then will joyfully forward a large percentage of that to Mennonite Central Committee. We are deeply grateful to all who donated items, volunteered, and came to enjoy this year’s event and support MCC.

Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale Board

From Alma:

Hello FOH. We have decided to cancel our baby shower. 

El Shaddai church use schedule:

Sunday: 7-8 am and 2-6 pm  

Monday: 6-8 pm  

Tuesday: 6-8 pm every other week  

Wednesday: 6-9 pm  

Friday: 6-9 pm  

Nothing on Thursdays or Saturdays 

Any special events not during these times will be noted in our announcements.  

Support group—Mondays 5-7 in purple basement room

Cosecha schedule: Wednesday–4-9  Thursday–4-7  Friday–3-8  Saturday–10-5 in a basement room

FOH directory:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r3P9KAaxoQNqBpT69fqdxzfK3SrH46zvI4uCqqKUfNE/edit?usp=

FOH website, calendar, worship schedule: 


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Elders’ Minutes November 6, 2023Present: Sharon Norton, Mary Schertz, Wendell