Beloved Community

Seeking the Beloved Community is a monthly gathering of Black and White brothers of faith, working to build relationships of integrity across racial and cultural differences. For the last nine years, the group of 20-25 men has gathered for breakfast the first Saturday of each month, often but not always, in the Fellowship of Hope meeting house. Perhaps the group’s significance, and attraction, lies largely in the normalizing of “just being together”. Brothers sing, pray, share food, and talk together. Frequently the group hears a first-person testimony shaped around “my people, my home, my passion”, sometimes shared with remarkable vulnerability. The gathering has become a safe setting for Black and White men to expose personal experiences of abuse, humiliation, mistrust, privilege, and resilience.

The Beloved Community Men's Breakfast

Conversation and listening on the 1st Saturday of the month at 8:00 AM. Conversations range from gun violence in our neighborhood, racism, peace and justice issues, and listening to each other’s stories.