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A reminder!  Saturday is our August work morning from 8:30-12, and there are tasks both inside and out.  Come and participate with brothers and sisters in the work of FOH!

Sam for B&G

From Sharon:

 Here is what our group has come up with, based on feedback from the congregation. For some, a diagram helps visualize what we are talking about in a different way than a list of words. The full description gives more detail to each value. Please give any feedback you might have to a member of the group as soon as possible:  Crissie, George, Arlie, Keith, Sharon.

Core Values full description

Core Values Venn diagram

El Shaddai church use schedule:  

Sunday: 7-8 am and 2-6 pm  

Monday: 6-8 pm  

Tuesday: 6-8 pm every other week  

Wednesday: 6-9 pm  

Friday: 6-9 pm  

Nothing on Thursdays or Saturdays 

Any special events not during these times will be noted in our announcements.  

Support group—Mondays 5-7 in purple basement room

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FOH website, calendar, worship schedule:

Send announcements to:  (by Thursday 5:00 pm)

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Venn Core Values

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FoH Online Directory

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Elders’ Minutes November 6, 2023Present: Sharon Norton, Mary Schertz, Wendell