Elders’ Minutes November 6, 2023
Present: Sharon Norton, Mary Schertz, Wendell Wiebe-Powell, David Janzen

  1. Our meeting opened with prayer.
  2. Transition process: We reviewed the retreat and the congregational conversation to gauge the
    sense of the church regarding our future. There are some nuances in peoples’ use of the red-
    yellow-green tags, such as some people identifying with the continuation of the church are
    interested in changes, and some wanting to stop meeting as a church are open to other
    fellowship options. For some, a clean break with the past “done well” is needed before
    envisioning a new structure/vision. Determining the future of the church building is an
    important part of the process. We do need to consider the $50,000 given by the IN-MI
    Conference to purchase it. There is no mortgage to be paid. We will contact Building and
    Grounds Group to gather information about the building finances.
    We believe a Mennonite Church in South-Central Elkhart is needed, and exploring this with the
    Mennonite Mission Network, IN-MI and Central District Conferences, and churches like Prairie
    St., Church Without Walls and Belmont Neighborhood Fellowship is warranted. Non-Mennonite
    Churches with ministries in our neighborhood may also be helpful in our search.
    We recommend the composition of the Transition Group for the next phase of discernment be
    adjusted to reflect the different views of our future, as most of current group placed themselves
    in the “red” category. Including newer FoH participants seems wise. Sharon will work with them
    about this and share options of who might stay and be added.
  3. Credence involvement: there are several individual requests for conversations with Marg’s help.
    Some are willing to pay the cost of her services if she remains willing. There is some unfinished
    financial business with Credence, and Mary will contact their office to clarify what if any $$ is
  4. We discussed the November congregational conversation on November 16, which will be led by
    the Transitional team.
  5. Church budget: We propose a six-month budget (Jan.-June 2024) be created for year-end
    adoption. Mary will talk to Barb about this for the Finance Group consideration.
  6. Pastoral concerns were discussed.
    Next meeting: December 6, 9:30 am at the church.
    Minutes by Dave Janzen

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